The Route

The above image is from Segura de la Sierra (K on the map below). We spent 3 days there last fall, never left town, and cannot wait to return and explore some of the other villages in the area.

Most of this trip will be in small mountain villages in Andalucia. We fly into Madrid (M), pick up a car and head to B for 2 nights in Consuegra, home of a hill that has 12 windmills and an old castle. This area is Don Quixote’s area (LaMancha) as is stop L (Riopar Viejo). The rest of the places are the small villages in the mountains of Andalucia.

From Madrid to Consuegra is a 1 1/2 hour drive; the longest drive is from Riópar Viejo (L) back to Madrid airport….3 1/2 hours.




We are covering a small area of Spain; from the most northern to the most southern point of the trip is only 365 miles; ahhhh, slow travel.

You may enter your e mail address if you would like notification of posts; however it does not always work. We post often, so if you do not get a notification, just check in on the website. Please send comments if you wish; we do not publish them, but love reading them. We hope you will enjoy traveling along with us!



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