Foodie Alert

Oh boy, what a start!

THIS is a goat cheese salad for 2….The red slice is jamón, fried.

Then, 2 dishes to share; a stew of eggplant, olives and potatoes topped with a fried egg….the other was Migas (very different from Texas Migas) also topped with a fried egg. Next course,

A platter of meats to share; pork ribs topped with a glaze saffron, carrots and almonds. A slice chorizo and a sausage. Then, desert of course….

We shared one desert….a custard topped with raspberry glaze…absolutely heaven! We ate this meal at 3 PM and had “nada” the rest of the day. Still not hungry this morning. We are returning to the same place for lunch today, but will not be having a multi course meal, but order 1 or 2 items!


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