Sunday Into Andalucía

We left Don Quxiote’s area of La Mancha and crossed into Andalucîa where we will spend the next few weeks. We stopped in a small town, Baños de la Encina to sketch and have lunch. There is a Moorish Castle from 967, and it is spectacular. Here it is from the terrace of the restaurant where we had lunch. See the bus below? And the white car to the left in the parking lot? That is our car. We walked all over the town, up and down many hills.

20140428-190614.jpgThis is just part of the view over a zillion olive trees. Lunch was good, but not as pretty as what we had been having. Larry had Javalí (Wild boar) stew.

20140428-190821.jpgI ordered rabbit (pretty sure it was not the Easter Bunny) you can see the big bones, but there were a ton of tiny bones….along with 3 buckshot pellets. I managed to get through without breaking a tooth.

20140428-191011.jpgHad we known that the servings were so big, we would have shared one plate of meat….lesson learned…..again.

We drove on to our next stop, between 2 tiny towns, Zuheros and Luque, and settled in. (C on the map) Here is part of the view from our efficiency apartment balcony.

Today has been a real treat…..I will post it tomorrow…


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