Two miles from our apartment is Zuheros, a town of 800 people…..

20140429-072211.jpgThere is an eighth century castle perched on a rock….amazing.

20140429-072339.jpgWe parked in a small lot at the entrance to town and made a walk from one end of town to the other to decide what to sketch and ended up at opposite ends of town for the rest of the morning. I sat on a bench neat the entrance in the first photo. The people who live here take walks along the road. As I was starting the watercolor on the drawing, a man approached from behind me…..we talked for about 30 minutes. The place we are staying had many large original abstract paintings. Well, this man is the artist! And here he is.

20140429-073121.jpgFor lunch we drove 3 miles to another village to eat in a family run place we had heard about. I had the best chicken noodle soup on earth (it even had a hard boiled egg chopped up in it!) followed by this….

20140429-073650.jpgOK, this looks like a corn dog, right? Well, it is a piece of pork tenderloin rolled up with jamón inside, breaded and fried…..very good. Larry had fried fresh calamari and it was very tender and good. This is the enclosed patio where we ate.

20140429-182424.jpgTomorrow we leave this area; it is beautiful and one could easily spend a week here.


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