Tuesday we went to the other town near our apartment….another 2 miles away, Luque and it’s castle…..and very steep streets…..walked our legs off covering the town from one end to the other and from the top to the bottom of the castle and back up again.


And then there was lunch. Instead of asking the waiter to read off the daily specials, we told him to bring HIS favorites and to make them different. Here is what we ended up eating and it was fantastic!

20140501-132821.jpgThe famous Andalucians dish, Salmorejos…like gaspacho except thickened with bread crumbs and topped with a boiled egg and jamón. The other first course was roasted red peppers, tuna, an egg, and onion and a ton of local olive oil.

20140501-133146.jpgFor our second course he brought a “corn dog” like I had the day before, but this was better meat and also had an egg in it. The other plate was their famous little fried fishes… just eats the bones (except for the biggest fish and I filleted them).



20140501-134359.jpgWe had a chocolate cake and a layered cake with fruit filling…..skipping photos as there are enough for this post. I will catch you up on Setenil later today… that WIFI is working here….we are about to go eat lunch :- ) The last photo is of Luque’s castle from the bottom….it did not load where it was supposed to….another internet mystery.


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