Setenil de las Bodegas

So, a few weeks ago the hotel here sent us an e mail telling us how to arrive and “DO NOT ENTER THE VILLAGE AS THE STREETS ARE VERY NARROW.” So we were lucky to find a place (the last one along the road), we parked and will not move again until we leave Saturday!

20140501-203643.jpgAlmost every car in town is scratched up on the corners or dented in the side. Very tight turns as well as narrow streets.
The town is built along a river and curves and climbs like crazy. There are homes built into existing caves; they did not dig into the rock walls, but build rock and stucco fronts and the rock is their roof. Above the rock there are olive trees!


20140501-204018.jpgAnd, of course, a castle at the top.
Now, the lunch….our small hotel has a fantastic restaurant with a lovely view of the countryside. We both started with Salmorejos, the thick gazpacho.

20140501-204604.jpgI thought the waiter said one of the specials was “párajos revueltos” (scrambled birds???) well, I took it and it included chorizo. Turns out it was “espárragos revueltos”, asparagus with a little scrambled egg, garlic and chorizo and it was FANTASTIC. I will try this at home.

20140501-204944.jpgOur other first course was the fried little fish.

20140501-205351.jpgNatillas (a rich pudding) and mandarin sorbet for desert. The cost of this wonderful meal????? For 2 including 1 glass of wine???? Grand total, $25.00 USD! I do not know how they make a living.

20140501-205456.jpgLate evening we decided to have some tapas and a drink, so we went to this area that is one tapas bar after another. We shared fried calamari tentacles and a potato salad. The tomatoes were wonderful and covered with oil and basil. The cost including 2 drinks???? $8.00 USD!


Tomorrow I will post today’s lunch and some more photos of this neat place.


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