Oh My, What a Feast!

OK, foodies…..here we go! Since it worked out so well Tuesday having the waiter bring his favorites for each course, we decided to do it again yesterday. May 1 is a holiday so there was no € 8.50 ($ 10 ) bargain, but it was € 15…..but wait ’til you see this meal! Instead of bringing both plates for each course at the same time, he would bring one and when we were done he would bring the other. You can see us in the spoons! We started with a warm goat cheese salad.

20140502-132139.jpgthe cheese was split with quince jelly in the middle. Then he brought a plate of broad beans with jamón, onion and garlic.

20140502-132316.jpgNext we had fish (dorado) stuffed with a rich cream (?) and little shrimp with a sauce of some kind and scalloped potatoes.

20140502-132449.jpgWhew! We both felt satisfied at this point, but…..here came the stewed pork cheeks topped with crispy fried potatoes.

20140502-132627.jpgWe gave in and asked for only 1 desert to share. The middle was some kind of whipped cream and it was wonderful!

20140502-132807.jpgThe total cost of this meal???? We were thinking it had to be more than €15 each….shoot, the pork cheeks in the US would be at least $20 by themselves! Nope, the bill was €30….we skipped wine (it was quite warm outside and it just did not sound as refreshing as water) or it would have been €4 more. What a bargain.

The good news is that today they are serving a group of 44 people and there is no room for us….a blessing really as our jeans still fit!!!! We are not hungry and will just have a few tapas today and be happy. Here is a photo of our hotel and its restaurant.



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