Last day in Setenil

We headed to our favorite bar for “mid morning” coffee at noon and this is what we found…..


20140503-204832.jpgYep, market day when vendors set up for the morning…crowded, street closed off to cars, and here closing off any street poses tons of problems. But it all still works for the locals. So we went to the main Plaza for coffee and returned to the market area a 2 1/2 hours later for our promised day of only tapas….time to eat less.

20140503-205025.jpgMost vendors were gone and we watched the last few take down their displays while we ate…..tapas are wonderful and amazingly inexpensive….$16 US and that included 2 rounds of drinks, a beer and a Vino de Verano…to explain……Vino de Verano (Summer Wine) is a very refreshing drink of red wine and a slightly fizzy water called Gaseosa. Here in Andalucía they serve it over ice too. So, here is the lunch we shared.

20140503-205532.jpgThen in the evening went to a different street for some more tapas.


20140503-211037.jpgOne thing we have noticed is that the homes have a set of beautiful doors that open into a vestibule and another set of doors. When they leave the outside doors open, we can see the beautiful tile work inside.Here is an example and another of how they treated a stairway. I had to be quick making these photos.


20140503-210600.jpgAll a nod to the Moorish influence.
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Setenil and moved further south today to Benalauría….a whole hour and 15 minute drive. We are in mountains that are lush and green…..oh, yeah, more fantastic food….but that is for another post.


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