Here is Benalauría….one of many white villages that cling to the side of the Serranía de Ronda Mountains; population, 511.


20140504-183137.jpgIt is straight down from our apartment. This morning we were sketching near this point and I was interrupted by horses, donkeys and cars. It is hard to stand up and move quickly when balancing watercolors, sketchbook, palette, brushes and backpack, but I “got ‘er done” in a hurry. Unfortunately I did not get the man leading these 2 donkeys in the photo.


20140504-184052.jpgThis is where we ate Saturday and Sunday, and yes, we were first both days at 2 PM. The building is an old olive mill and very quaint. the view is similar to the one from our balcony.

20140504-184228.jpgSaturday’s Meal:




20140504-184433.jpgAnd, today? We decided to eat lighter….


20140504-184914.jpgAnd we did! You have no doubt noticed that on every table there is a dish of green olives. Sometimes they have been marinated in garlic and sometimes plain. Our guess is that they are trying to get rid of excess olives…..there are millions of olive trees in Andalucía……many millions. But, really, one can only eat so many of them in a day.


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