We started the morning sketching this old house here in Benalauría…it is NOT white. (a rarity!) It belongs to the man who lives next door to our “house” here and he owns the nicest Bar in town. Saturday night we were walking around and stumbled on a painting class and they invited us in for a little chat. Sunday morning we went for our cafés at the neighbor’s bar and the owner was one of the painters! We had a long chat and he told us which villages would be neat for us. We had tapas at his bar Sunday night…very tasty. Well, this morning he saw us walk by, we told him we would be back for café after sketching his old house……an hour later, here he came up the hill carrying 2 cafés for us! When we went back by the bar, he would not let us pay…. this happened on Saturday in another village too. They are so delighted to visit with Americans that they want to treat us to something. So, now to photos….

20140505-181511.jpgWe drove 8 miles on down the road to Gaucín; we had a good view of Gibraltar… close as we are going to go!

20140505-181739.jpgAnd here is Gaucín and its castle.

20140505-181835.jpgWhile sketching the castle, a young man was sweeping the little park where we were sitting and I had a long chat with him. When we were ready to go to lunch, he recommended his favorite place…so that is where we ate and the sea food was delicious.



20140505-182259.jpgOn the drive back there was a place with a view of several of these white villages….ours is so buried behind a mountain that there is no place along the highway to see it, and yes, the last 2 km after leaving a nice highway are an interesting drive! We go “beep beep” approaching the blind curves.

20140505-182603.jpgAnd a wider shot…the “large” white spots are other villages.

20140505-183029.jpgWe are so glad we are staying in Benalauría instead of Gaucín as it has been taken over by the Brits…..we heard so much English spoken as we passed by folks today and that has not been the case since we arrived 10 days ago. We enjoy having to get by using the local language and the surprises that sometimes happen as a result.


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