Another day…another village! This was a short trip…..11.5 miles away and going 20-25 mph for the last 7 miles it took 45 minutes to arrive. We left the highway (it has a stripe down the middle, that makes it a great road!) in this town and zig zagged down for 5 miles, the turned off on a smaller road and zig zagged up for another 2 miles.

20140506-182438.jpgWhen we arrived at Genalguacil, we parked along the road and a good thing too as this was the parking lot when we walked up to it….market day again! No parking until 3 PM.

20140506-182822.jpgBut what a neat little place with a population of 500.



20140506-183225.jpgNow, what makes this little berg unique is that it was so remote that no one came to visit, but the mayor in 1998 decided to invite artists to spend 2 weeks in town to work, but they had to leave a piece of work in the town when they left. All we could see was to outdoor art as the paintings are in a museum and only open on the weekend. We saw about 50 of the outdoor pieces…..these are among our favorites.


20140506-183617.jpgThis is a guy watching TV with a remote in hand…..very clever!

We ate at the only place serving lunch in town….nothing special to photograph; lentil soup with chorizo (delicious), mixed salad, grilled chicken breast and those tiny fish again. The servings were huge though so we were happy. The remarkable thing????? NO olives!!!!!
Tomorrow is move day again; heading to the east of here to Alhama de Granada (F on the map). No mountains but a very deep ravine. We may post some more of the art we saw tomorrow.


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