Benalauría, Final Observations

There were 3 special things in this little town. One is a most unusual and unique “door mat” at the front door of many homes. 2 examples:


20140507-205900.jpgMany are geometric, but these 2 had real character. The other thing is that there are cork oak trees in the area and they harvest the cork. These flower containers are cork.


20140507-210152.jpgAnd the very special thing was Christopher, the bar owner, painter and all around good guy.We bid him farewell after our morning cafés.

20140507-210352.jpgWe needed a place to spend a little time on our way to Alhama de Granada as we had told the apartment owner we would arrive between 3 and 5. We found this castle (Castle of the Stars) in Teba, a prosperous berg in the middle of beautiful farm land. Just had to take the time to sketch it. The Castle:

20140507-210645.jpgAnd the land from our walk back down from town.

We are settled into our “city apartment” (population 6,000) and on a quick walk through the historic district, have found this town to be more interesting than we thought it would be. Always nice when that happens. Tomorrow we will take photos, sketch, and try to find the best place to eat.


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