Best Tapas….EVER!

Well I WAS going to show photos of Alhama de Granada, BUT after 2 days of so-so food, we hit the jackpot…..Went to the bar recommended by the young woman who showed us our apartment, Bar el Tigre (click the name for a link to its Facebook page) We started ordering Salmorejos (that thick gazpacho)……not to Share! but one bowl each! (we shared the other plates) Then we were making more choices when Antonio, the owner, asked if he could surprise us….of course! And the plates kept coming…..we tried to stop after the Gambarones, but he said he had another very special plate…..we tried to stop again, but he had a wonderful desert… share….OK. Here we go!






20140508-160148.jpgALL this happens in this tiny space….2 tables for four, 2 stand up tables outside and 2 bar stools! amazing…..So, guess where we are lunching tomorrow? Yep and Antonio kept a list of what we had today and tomorrow he will have new surprises for us…
Done eating for today…..will post the beautiful scenery later…..must take a siesta now :- )


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