Alhama de Granada

Alhama de Granada is surrounded by olive groves and farm land. There is a very deep ravine down to a river and the town is built on one edge. This was my sketch subject Thursday morning

20140508-204437.jpgIt was really nice to have this “chair” (looks like a sofa, right?) for doing the sketch.

20140508-204744.jpgAnd the afternoon sun on the ravine wall is beautiful.

There is something we have seen a lot of in Andalucía; home health workers taking older people for walks. They are not walking on nice smooth pavement either, but on cobble stones, up and down hills too.

I saw something unique this morning….the little white bread truck had stopped on this same street. The driver (young woman) stepped out, put her hand between the iron bars on a home’s window, opened the window, carefully got the bread between the bars and gently dropped the bread. She then closed the window and left… about home delivery! I hope there was a table below the window. Yes, all windows have beautiful iron work covering them.

Only one hour’s wait until we return to Bar el Tigre for another lunch of surprise tapas!


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