Into the Alpujarra Mountains

A last look at Alhama de Granada as we left; we had no idea there was a big mountain behind the town.

20140510-162543.jpgSaturday we drove 1 1/2 hours into the Alpujarra mountains south of Granada and in a hotel for the first second time this trip. Two of the highest mountains in Spain are in the adjacent Sierra Nevada Mountains adjacent to the Alpujarras. One of the famous products is their jamón from the high town of Trevélvez and it is the best jamón we have had yet. When we had our summer wine Saturday evening, we were served this tapas….bread, jamón, toast with pâté and morcilla (blood sausage). It is the first time we have been served blood sausage this trip and the first time ever we have had it cold…..not bad at all. This was a real bargain…..2 drinks, 2 tapas €4.40 or $6.20.

20140510-204817.jpgFor lunch we had the speciality of the house at the bodega where we were told by hotel host to go.

20140510-204954.jpgOf course we started with Salmorejas again and finished with melon and jamón.

20140510-205352.jpgThis is the view from our hotel room. We walked up to the castle and to the faaaaar side of town for sketching. Very long walk!

20140511-164856.jpgThis is café with a view…..lovely little bar.

20140511-165216.jpgAnd a look at Lanjarón as we left Sunday morning with the snow still on the Sierra Nevadas.



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