We had a very short (17 miles) drive to our next stop; we left Lanjarón, altitude 2100 ft, went over a pass and dropped to 1400 feet at Órgiva, then zig and zagged for 11 miles up to Bubión, altitude 4400 feet. The driving time for these 17 miles…..50 minutes. 3000 feet in 11 miles, wow.
There are 3 villages in this valley and they cling to or spill down the mountain side, whichever way you want to describe them. This is Pampaneira, the village below Bubión.

20140512-163515.jpgWe had Sunday lunch at this tiny (16 seats) restaurant; the kitchen was upstairs in the kitchen of their home???? We think so. Food was wonderful.






The third village is Capileira; a 25 minute walk uphill from Bubión.


20140512-165126.jpgThis is the view from outside Capileira. Walked there today and spent the day…..details tomorrow.


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