A short 25 minute walk uphill from our Bubión apartment and we were in Capileira, the highest of the three villages. We walked from the bottom of this villages to the top. Easy going down, but a bit slower going back up. As one person put it, climbing around these places is not bad if you “go at the rate of a turtle…..on crutches.” The big mountain in the background is the highest in the Iberian peninsula, 11,427 feet. This is the flat part….about the only flat part of town!

20140512-193836.jpgThere were some really cute dogs in town….one appears to be in jail….



20140512-194117.jpgNow for lunch…..I was reading the menu outside and the aroma was wonderful….We started with Salmorejos again…..they all look the same so no photo. We both had the plate of typical foods from this area, Alpujarra. Then shared a chocolate torte that was wonderful.


20140512-195018.jpgThis is one of the “streets” in the lower and oldest part of Capileira.



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