Trevélez – Part 1

The highest (4,800 ft) of the 3 villages is famous for its jamón and is the largest of the villages with 800+ residents. It is one of the highest villages in Europe and 2nd to a ski resort in Spain) It is composed of 3 areas: Barrios Alto, Medio, and Bajo. The oldest is the Alto (in the other two villages the oldest is at the bottom). We parked at this level near the bridge and walked up to the Alto in the morning…..quite a climb. Unfortunately we walked back to this level for lunch and everything was packed with groups, so we walked back up to the Medio area to a tiny place.

20140513-174300.jpgHere are 2 photos of the Barrio Alto; the first as we approached and the other looking down from above it to see what could be seen of the rest of town.


20140513-175151.jpgThe streets in all these places are very narrow.




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