Alpujarra – Flowers, Fabrics & Food

Our last day in the Alpujarra mountains is today; final reflections on what makes it different and special. There is a big influence of the Moors and Berbers. Roses grow like weeds, instead of screen doors they use beautifully woven fabrics, they still weave colorful and heavy rugs, and potted flowers dot the walls of their flat roofed white washed homes. All this is set against a backdrop of gorgeous mountains. Oh, and of course, the food has been wonderful!






20140514-181425.jpgI was walking back up the hill this morning when I heard a horn honking like crazy…usually means the bread or the vegetable truck is in the neighborhood. As I turned the corner to a “street” a blue van came roaring down the street, did a fast maneuver to turn around and park, just missing running over a woman with a cane. At the corner I saw quite a few people, but thought they were visiting…nope, waiting on the Fish truck to arrive. I guess noon on Wednesday is his time here in Bunión. After he got out and opened the back door, it was a rush to see what he had.

Thursday we leave the mountains for a different experience…..we will be staying in a cave house and the scenery will be completely different. Should be quite an adventure!


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