Out of the Sierras into Utah

Thursday we made our way…..very slowly….narrow scary roads….over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and are now on the other side of the biggest mountain in Spain. As we descended into a huge plain, we thought, ” Holy Cow! looks like Utah!” Very desert like and red and ochre rock formations. We are staying in a “cave house” and it is beautiful. Only problem…..WIFI only outside, so this will be brief. Saturday we are going to Sabiote to another mountain range and will NOT have WIFI in the apartment. So, unless there is a bar with WIFI, there will be no posts for a few days…..and this one will be brief.
Our Cave House….

20140516-194101.jpgThe first town we came to has a HUGE 15th Century castle towering over the town of Lacalahora.

20140516-194415.jpgFrom Lacalahorra looking back at the Sierras.

20140516-194553.jpgStill eating well….


20140516-194656.jpgLots of interesting places visited today; details when we have convenient WIFI.


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