Odds & Ends….and More!

Back in Madrid for 2 nights and there are a few more things to share…..First, the cave houses, not the one we stayed in, but a small town where there are many. One can see the chimneys sticking up from the hills and know that there is a home with a stucco front under it. Here is the town of Fonelas.

20140525-181247-65567916.jpgWhile in our cave house, the owner stopped by with a basket of broad beans…..we had to shell them….see the little guys? Lots of work, but they were excellent with only butter and salt.

20140525-181520-65720545.jpgAnd some more good food.


20140525-181649-65809808.jpgWhy can’t we buy goat cheese like this in the US?

We have mentioned “Menú of the Day” often. Here is an example with 5 choices per course…..often there is only a choice of 2 or 3.

20140525-181849-65929961.jpgHere is one of our most favorite photos.

20140525-181953-65993940.jpgIt has been a fantastic trip, wonderful people, places and foods. Spain is an easy country to visit; roads are good and well marked, accommodations are excellent and a real bargain….at least during the months of May and October (our last 2 trips here). We only spent 4 nights out of 30 in hotels; the rest were in beautiful apartments for less than the Holiday Inn Express in San Antonio. For example:


20140525-201205-72725358.jpgWhat more can we say except, Try To Get Here! It is wonderful!!


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