Windmills (Molinos) and a Castle

Zooming in on the windmills of Consuegra.



And there they are. Windmills for grinding grain….Don Quxiote’s giants. They are visible for a long ways over the plains of La Mancha. Our apartment was at the foot of the hill but there were 72 steps down to the level of the center of Consuegra, and many more steps from the apartment up to the mills. Our legs are really in shape now as we made both numerous times.
We had our second lunch at the same restaurant Sarurday, el Alfar. This time we shared ONE salad and ONE order of meat…..needed to eat lighter than Friday.

20140428-070630.jpgIt included mixed greens, dried fruit, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, tuna, croutons, fire roasted red peppers, Basalmic vinegar and a raspberry dressing. Then, beef ribs…..very rare beef ribs with a sauce of smoked paprika and saffron.

20140428-071153.jpgThe waiter brought us a gift of 3 different Manchego cheeses with little bread sticks topped with some kind of citrus sauce and black sesame seeds. The chef thinks one needs cheese between the salad and meat course. All cheeses were Manchego of different months of aging….from youngest and softest to oldest and most hard.

20140428-071634.jpgLater today we will post Sunday’s castle and more.