Riópar Viejo

This is Riópar Viejo….remains of an old Moorish Fortress, a Christian Church, and apartments and 1 small restaurant. All this sits atop a rock; unfortunately it clouded up this afternoon and we could not get a good photo of how the rock sits above the highway.


20140524-170158-61318729.jpgAnd from the top of the fortress.

20140524-170251-61371660.jpgThe food in the “big” town of Riôpar has been quite good. Not a fancy place, but our favorite type of place…..full of locals.


20140524-170449-61489214.jpgThis dish is fantastic….first course, a stew type of thing with chicken and a “noodle” that I would swear is a flour tortilla! Nothing like traditional Gazpacho, which here is called Gazpacho Andaluz (from Andalucía.) This morning we went to a park to hike to the source of the Rio Mundo….everyone was there! it is an impressive falls; this is our favorite photo from many .

20140524-171036-61836543.jpgThis morning after having huge croissants here in our apartment, we went to the small cafe here for our cortados (espresso with a little milk). The fireplace felt very good since it was in the 40’s.

20140524-171320-62000806.jpgTomorrow we return the car to Madrid airport and will spend 2 nights there. Monday we will take the Metro into the city to a small neighborhood recommended by an artist from Madrid. We have seen all the “must sees” in Madrid and were looking for something a little different. Hope it is interesting.