Sierra de Segura Mountains

Today is our last day in Andalucía, 26 days here and they have been a real treat. Wednesday was the first day of clouds since we arrived in Spain April 25 but by late morning it was partly cloudy but cool….63 for a high. Lows have been 43 degrees. Here are a few photos of the 2 places we visited in these beautiful mountains.


20140522-193022-70222674.jpgThis is what we refer to as “drinking time” right before lunch. The bars are packed with men (we counted 15 in this small bar). We were having our “mid morning” cafés.

20140522-193217-70337852.jpgToday we spent the day in Hornos, 12 miles/30 min drive away from Segura de la Sierra.



20140522-193421-70461552.jpgHere are our lunches today, we started with Russian salad (potato salad) and finished with a melon that is similar to honeydew, but not as sweet.


20140522-193829-70709623.jpgSee any olive oil????? I think it comes from some of the zillion trees in this region. :- ) Tomorrow we return to La Mancha for 2 nights before returning to Madrid for our last 2 nights.


As Promised

Wow! lightning fast internet here in Segura de la Sierra. So, as promised the different food we had in Sabiote. We did not have the menu of the day, but ordered sandwiches (we needed to eat lighter for a few days!)… a 14 inch baguette with fried calamari….or this, both shared.


20140520-193339-70419159.jpgThis was a free Tapa before the big sandwiches arrived.

20140520-193545-70545779.jpgAND this was the big surprise the second time we ate at Picasso…..a Tapa, free, before what we ordered came!

20140520-193737-70657486.jpgThis is just a small part of the view from Sabiote, but which ever way one looks, this is what is seen.

20140520-193849-70729654.jpgWe stopped in La Iruela today to see this. Impressive, right?


20140520-194017-70817251.jpgWe stopped here for lunch and will be spending a day there sketching…Thursday as we drove so much today….87 miles and it took 3 1/2 hours of driving time at 25 mph….narrow, winding, up and down…..the scenic route.

20140520-194307-70987030.jpgAND….arrived here in Segura for 3 nights. (Top photo of the blog; we were here in October….great place!)